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GZA Geoenvironmental inc. 3rd party review expressing concern - january 19, 2022

76; 9-15 Albany; GZA Third Party Review 1-19-22.pdf

MDC (The Metropolitan District) letter to town of canton PZC expressing concern - December 15, 2021 

53; 9-15 Albany; MDC Letter of Concerns 12-15-21.pdf

letters of concern RE: environmental impact 

File 475; Apln 2000; 9 and 15 Albany Turnpike)

CONNECTICUT WATER COMPANY (CWC) expressed concern 11/9/20 

"[9-15 Albany Turnpike] is partially located within the aquifer recharge area of our Well #5 Wellfield for our Avon System, we are concerned with potential impacts that this development may have in the integrity of the drinking water supply."

The metropolitan district expressed concern 12/10/20

MDC Letter to Canton Town planner (page 1)

MDC Letter to Canton Town planner (page 2)

farmington river watershed association expressed concern 12/16/20

by Penelope C. Sharp, Ralph S. Lewis, David L. Wagner, Cara Lee (Illustrations by Janet Zeh)

The Connecticut College Arboretum [ Bulletin #41 ]

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection State Geological and Natural History Survey of Connecticut [ Special Publications 3 ]

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Canton, CT Planning and Zoning Commissioners refer to zoning regulations and use the (POCD) strategic plan as a guide for future decision-making for our town.