Canton Advocates for Responsible Expansion

[ Depicted above is the trap rock ridge that defines the scenic eastern entry to Canton, Connecticut ]


To build a 20-pump gas station.

He wants to blast, excavate and drill 6 days a week, for 15 months.

What could go wrong?!?

Our experts have proven there's a risk blasting will contaminate wells – and public water from Connecticut Water Company. It could make wells go dry. If that happens, the developer said, just "drill another well."

The problem is, if the groundwater gets contaminated with carcinogens, none of the water will be safe.

We, the residents, are the only ones who can protect ourselves against a developer with deep pockets and shallow regard for our health. And he’s counting on the fact that he’ll be able to outspend us.

It is urgent to stop this development now. If blasting spreads carcinogens from the Superfund site, water won't even be safe for bathing children, and the developer won't stick around to clean it up – even if that were possible.

"The development project is currently under progress with plans for residential homes, a gas station, and a hotel." - Mark Greenberg real estate

This development proposal by Mark Greenberg at 9-15 Albany Turnpike (which requires the approval of nine Special Permit applications by the Canton Planning & Zoning Commission) is detrimental to the environment and everything that our town of Canton represents.